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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Agar maine ek baar koi commitment kardi, toh fir toh main khud ki bhi nahi sunta.

Wanted starring Salman Khan, Ayesha Takia released this week. This remake of a south indian film Pokiri is directed by ace choreographer Prabhu Deva. Wanted is touted to be comeback for the Khan who hasn’t seen solo success since last 2 years. Some other names associated with the film are Boney Kapoor ( elder brother of actors Anil Kapoor & Sanjay Kapoor), Anil Kapoor (Special apperance), Govinda (Special apperance), Vinod Khanna, Mahesh Manjrekar, South Sensation Prakash Raj and many more.

Expectations: Wanted is one of the most awaited film this year. It was touted to be getting Salman back in the action genre. With the songs getting popular, the expectations reached a stage where it has to deliever something or would be rejected.

Story/Script: Wanted is a gangster film. It has nothing to do with some message. A hardcore masala film which has some nice comedy, nice action and nice romantic moments. The script is super tight in the first half. Just 15 minutes into the film and you know this is gonna be a great flick. The script gets a little weak in second half is dragged for about 5 10 minutes, but you still can’t know what’s happening. Strong


Every actor has performed so well. I mean forget Salman, actors like Ayesha Takia, Indra, Prakash Rai, etc have all performed so well and have outperformed their performances. Coming to Salman Khan, he has done something which he hasn’t done before and that to in Style. This is one of his best performances. Whenever there is a scene featuring Salman, you know something is gonna be special, and lives upto the expectations. Powerful

Music: Partner, Hello and now Wanted. The music of these films is by Sajid Wajid. Personally, I don’t like the music which they create. They compose something which looks good with just visuals and that’s what is true with Wanted also. The music is average and ranges from poor to good. Average


Prabhu Deva is a true Rockstar. Last year it was A R Murugadoss and now Prabhu Deva. These both directors have taken action in Hindi films to a new level. Prabhu Deva has done some exceptional choerography in the recent past is a known fact to the world, but he is also a successful director down south is little known. With Wanted, he has taken a clean sweap to the masses of India. Brilliant shots, great visuals, outstanding action sequence and churned out great performances from everybody. Exceptional

Overall: Wanted is a power packed film and will be a wanted film everywhere when it goes down in history. Go for it.

Overall Rating: **** (Very Good)

Story/Script: ****1/2

Acting: ****1/2

Music: **1/2

Direction: ****1/2

Due to strong opening in Single Screens and decent opening in Multiplexes, the film can be a nice grosser.

My Box Office Estimate: Semi Hit/Hit

Recommended for everybody, who don't except it to be a family film.

(Adi Bhaiya, finally your superstar has made a grand comeback)

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  1. I watched wanted with kabir..wenever salman entered ,he looked at me and gav high 5's..u cn imagine how my superstar hav performed..he is back and back with a bang..finally he is back..he is a great performer..he wil rule the world..god bless my superstar..and thanx bik for finally agreeing that salman is a superstar..:P

  2. I truely agree,,,,Salman is back with a bang. Film is just awesum and the reveiw is exactly what Wanted deserves......I would surely watch it again on big screen. I loved all the action scenes with some comedy ones.....I also agree with the rating.... "WANTED ROCKS"

  3. well i hvnt seen it yet,,, but after goin through ur REWIEW i m surely gonna watch it,,,


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