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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yashraj Films, Rani Mukherjee, Shahid Kapur, Pritam, Punjab & Cricket
A film which has names like these associated with it should always be a great watch.

Expectations: A lot. Rani Mukherjee’s comeback film, Yashraj’s real test to show that they are still strong in the business and Shahid Kapur’s magic which can take him to the top league. Moreover, the film has been promoted very well which increased its anticipation level.

Story/Script: The story by newcomers Jaya and Aparajita is normal and has nothing new to it except for the concept. It has been inspired by She’s The Man. The script is week in first half although it picks up in the second half and has some really great moments in the second half. But, overall an average fare.

Acting: Rani Mukherjee rules. She has made a tremendous comeback with this film. She has delieved not just one but two unique performances. It can not be called her best, but is definitely one of the best. Shahid Kapur delievers another great performance. I am really happy by the way his career graph is growing. Anupam Kher is good. Rakhi Sawant and Sherlyn Chopra dissappoint. Nice appearances by Poonam Dhillion Rest of the cast has done nice work.

Music: Pritam is having a great year. After Billu, New York, Love Aaj Kal, etc., Dil Bole Hadippa is yet another successful album. It has a lot of Punjabism to it. I loved all the songs. Background music is also good.

Direction: Anurag Singh, the debutant director disappoints. He shows the shades of an immature direction. Some scenes are really shot well but otherwise it’s a loose direction.

Overall: Good. It is not a Lagaan or a Chak De but a decent entertainer. Could have been a lot better. Go and watch it for the lead pair, music and unique concept.

Rating: *** (GOOD)

Direction: **
Acting: ***1/2
Music: ***1/2
Story/Script: ***

I think if this film works, it will be just because of Rani and Shahid. But, having a competition in form of Wanted, I am little confused whether it will find a space for itself.

My Box Office Estimate: Average / Semi Hit

Recommended for families.
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Written by Lovely

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  1. hmmm.. oflate, this blog has bcum a prominent part, i look forward to every weekend..!!! keep posting..!

  2. thanks,,, I too look forward to beautiful feedbacks every weekend,,, :D

  3. The movie's gud but I think overall rating shud have been 2.5 stars.....Its a one time watch......

  4. he he... :D okies,,, but it has family elements which increases its reating...

  5. "WOMEN EMPOWERNMENT" Its definately gonna be a nice watch for gals,,,

  6. Yes,,, i think you will like it,,,

  7. 'el dis guy, round d clock keeps watchin evaluating n tlkin abt bollywood n yup "its alwys vry interesting to hea or read material he says or writes"... n he iz one who made my interest too towrds watchin flicks bt styl readin abt 'em is quite tough n boring act fr me... hmm 'el in past he use to sit n use to make or say continue d story from wea movie ended dat ws evn a wondrful thing wic nw i dink he forgot n stoppd... in short its great reading abt things u write related to bollywood n ur blog rocks keep postin :D... i ll try to read without ur blackmailin also nxt tym[#:-S]

  8. hmmmmmmm nw if i tlk abt movies i hav no words to say coz i nvr saw 'em hehe.... "jo likha theek he huna"

  9. thanks a lot rami.,,, i am glad that you liked my work...


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