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Friday, July 31, 2009

This Friday saw the release of the most awaited movie of the month- Love Aaj Kal starring Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and cameos by Rahul Khanna, Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh.

The film directed by one of my most favourite director Imtiaz Ali. His earlier work includes Socha Na Tha (Abhay Deol, Ayesha Takia) and Jab We Met (Shahid Kapur, Kareena Kapoor). Both his previous films were of romantic genre and Love Aaj Kal follows the same league. This is the first film from Saif Ali Khan’s production house Illuminati Films Pvt Ltd.

The expectations: Well.... Just one word..... Tremendous..... And why not “Socha Na Tha” and “Jab We Met” are one of the finest romantic films India has ever produced. And, after such great promotion the expectations reached a point where I definitely wanted to see the most perfect film.

The story of the film is known to everybody. Hence, no guess about that. But, what is not known is the screenplay and scripting! Here, I would like to add something. Imtiaz may not have got the Best Director award so far but he has got a technical award “Best Dialogues” award for Jab We Met and both his previous movies had a great script and he has the ability to understand perfect scripts. The screenplay is the simply the best I have seen in the recent times. Although, the script looses the grip in second half and the film becomes little boring and the benchmark Imtiaz has set with his previous films wasn’t achieved with this one.

The acting department: Saif has grown as an actor over the years is again a known fact to the world and he carries his role with grace this time also. Deepika Padukone has really surprised me. She has given her career’s best performance in Love Aaj Kal. I had expected a lot from her and she has proved them right. Rishi Kapoor, Rahul Khanna are top notch, Neetu Singh was quite nice (This was the first time I saw her in a film) and the mystery girl was beautiful. She didn’t have a bigger role but was good in whatever she got.

The music is loud and soulful. I must add that the duo of Pritam(Music Composer) and Irshad Kamil (Lyricist) have given one of the best album of 2009. All songs are excellent and you all can see those becoming chartbusters in the coming days.

The Direction: Imtiaz Ali you are god for me. You put up the emotions correctly. I can see the innocence in your films. Right from Socha Na Tha to Love Aaj Kal, the innocence in your films is seen in every scene. The direction is outstanding. I think as a director, this is his best work and he deserves whatever he desires. He has made a simple story into a very complex film and that has worked in its favour. The feel of the movie is damn good. Jab We Met had trains, Love Aaj Kal has bridges. Fantastic.

The final verdict- Now, that the film has taken an excellent start, it should emerge as one of the biggest hit of the year. The film is definitely one of the best in the recent times but it disappointed me little; maybe because I had a lot of expectations and thought it to be in the line of Jab We Met which had a straight screenplay. This film is little complex and viewers will definitely need to watch it carefully to understand the whole film. Overall, a very well made film with many USP’s like the direction, the feel, the acting and the music but also a few flaws which can be looked upon.

Recommended for everyone who like romantic flicks. This is a multiplex film and may not be liked by normal commercial film lovers.

My Ratings:

Story/Script: ***
Acting: ****1/2
Music: ****1/2
Direction: ****

Overall Rating: 4 (Very Good)

My BoxOffice Verdict (Estimate): Hit/SuperHit

P.S.: Don’t expect Love Aaj Kal to be on the lines of Jab We Met. These are two very different films. You would love it if you don’t tend to compare them.

“Socha Na Tha ki Jab We Met toh Love Aaj Kal hojayega.” 
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  1. dude..havent seen the movie yet..i love the songs esp ye dooriya..i agree wid u..imtiaz is the best director..i too loved his previous two movies..awsum..hope this will b rocking too..cheers...

  2. well wrote Mr Bath & i saw d movie yesterday & d movie is js a breath of fresh air , so new & so nicely made movie , i've acc falllen in love wid dis movie lol , & am planning to watch it again coz it's so dam good , abt music no words for it & The great PUNJABI flavour makes it super cool , from my side it would ,,,9/10


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