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Friday, January 8, 2010

The first week of this year seems to be a great treat for music loves, first Ishqiya and now the music of My Name Is Khan is making waves all around. The music released on 7th January, 2010 and like every recent Karan Johar film has the trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy behind the music whereas the lyrics are by Niranjan Iyengar.

The album opens with “Sajda” where Richa Sharma provides the best opening to this very beautiful sufi song that is further carried by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Shankar Mahadevan. This is one of those tracks which you may not like at the first go but would fall in love with, after a few hearings. It has a very Indian feel to it which is complimented very well by its beautiful music & lyrics. Outstanding!

“Noor-e-khuda” which opens with Shankar’s voice and makes you feel like another regular S-E-L composition but soon it is uplifted by Adnan Sami who is in top form with his very westernized voice. The song is further carried on by Shreya Goshal who joins them at the end but overpowers them. This is a song which you can listen continuously for hours because of its sheer excellence in terms of vocals & lyrics. Outstanding again!

“Tere Naina” which is a romantic track by Shafqat Amanat Ali (Mitwa fame) who makes this song very happy go lucky kinds. Although the lyrics of this track are nothing extraordinary but the change in the pace of the song which takes it to qawwali mode and back forth makes it a likable track. Good!

“Allah Hi Rahem” is a very beautiful & soulful track with a very simple yet classy lyric. It is sung by Rashid Khan (Aaoge Jab Tum- Jab We Met fame) who with his very deep voice makes this track irresistible. It is also one track which you can just listen to everyday in your life because of its goodness. Outstanding once again!

“Khan Theme” by Strings & Indrajit Sharma looks good, it has to be seen how well they have used it in the film. Good!

“Rung De” by Shankar Mahadevan & Suraj Jagan is a fast track which has a rock & Sufi feel into it. This song talks about love, joy, freedom & peace. It is a regular S-E-L track which could have been far more better if it was sung by some other singers. Average!

Overall, I would call My Name Is Khan an album which is very different from all Karan Johar, Shahrukh Khan, S-E-L films.

It is more Serious, Full of Sufism, Goodness and makes you feel that these guys are on a Verge of Morality. This is one album which would take its own time to settle up at the charts & hearts of people.

Rating: **** (Excellent)

Best Picks: Sajda, Noor-E-Khuda & Allah Hi Rahem

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  1. Nice Review. I love My name is Khan songs

  2. Hi Bikram! Yes, great review. I've now heard Sajda, Noor-E-Khuda & Allah Hi Rahem and think they are all wonderful, beautiful songs. Makes waiting for the movie just that much harder! I'll have to go travelling around the rest of your blog for sure!

  3. Only sajda is good. Not the best. The rest of the songs can say not good. Why your review have 4 start. Is it because of Karan-Sharukh's move?

  4. @Shell: Thanks a lot dear! Also I surely feel the theme would look great!

    And sure, you"ll hopefully love the stay :)

    @myo: No Myo, this rating is not because it is Karan-Shahrukh movie but because the songs match the theme of the film and moreover have a great appeal to me as a music lover! I would suggest you to spend some more time on listening the songs because these are not catchy ones and require their own time to be loved!


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