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Friday, January 8, 2010

Rate Pyaar Impossible

Pyaar Impossible is the latest offering from the ace romantic makers, Yashraj Films. Pyaar Impossible starring Uday Chopra, Priyanka Chopra, Dino Morea & Anupam Kher, is directed by Jugal Hansraj (Masoom fame) and written & produced by Uday Chopra himself.

Personally, I had expectations from the film because I have always liked Uday Chopra (Yes!) and the fact that Jugal’s first film (Roadside Romeo) excited me a bit so was eagerly waiting for his first feature film. On top of this, it was the looks of Priyanka Chopra who looked stunning in the promos created expectations from the film.

So, let’s see if the film delivers….

The story of the film is quite interesting because unlike romantic flicks, the guy here is an ugly looking geek Abhay (Uday), who falls in love with hottest girl of the college, Alisha (Priyanka).

And just before this guy could meet her, some events lead Alisha to leave the college.

Now, Seven years have passed, Abhay is still the same, A Geek and the love he has for Alisha still blossoms. All these seven years, he’s been working on developing a software system which he things could turn out to be revolutionary and goes on to meet an investor (Dino Morea) and somehow the deal doesn’t materialize and while on a look out, he realizes that he has become a victim of fraud and his software has been stolen by the investor. His father (Anupam Kher) provokes him to get his software back from the company and there he again meets her old love but only to see that she is a divorced mother to a 6 year old daughter and story uncovers further.

The story, screenplay & dialogues are by Uday Chopra (Yes!). Frankly, I loved the story but it is the screenplay which is at fault. The screenplay is inconsistent, not that it bores but it is not that happening. Dialogues are good and look straight out from normal lives. AVERAGE!

Uday Chopra has given a stellar performance as a Geek and I can easily call it his best performance. Priyanka Chopra looks damn beautiful but I felt her acting to be a little disappointing, she was a mother but behaved like a teenage herself. Nevertheless, she has done a commendable job & on top of it, looks stunning. Dino Morea is expressionless and along with Anupam Kher is wasted. The new girl Advika Yadav (Priyanka’s daughter) has done a great job. GOOD!

Music by Salim Sulaiman is excellent and suits the theme. The lyrics by Anvita Dutt Guptan are absolutely exciting and carry the right attitude. The background score is fantastic. Best Picks – Alisha, 10 on 10, Ek Thi Ladki. VERY GOOD!

Direction by Jugal Hansraj is good but I strongly believe he is capable of doing more. He has a charm in his story telling, next I wish he makes a children film. GOOD!

Overall, Pyaar Impossible is a good light hearted romantic comedy with stellar performance by the lead (Uday Chopra & Priyanka Chopra) and excellent music to its merits. It is a sweet film and deserves a watch!

Rating: *** (GOOD)

Story/Screenplay: **1/2

Acting: ***

Music: ***1/2

Direction: ***

P.S. Don’t miss it thinking that it stars Uday Chopra because he has given a stellar performance and looks extremely lovable and this film can surely be a turning point to his career.

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  1. Hmm, I'm suprised to read Uday Chopra wrote the screenplay, produced it etc! I just thought he was a small time actor- no brains- trying to make it big after Mohhabatein! Thats impressive!
    And geek maybe but Uday Chopra will never manage to be an UGLY geek! haha

  2. Yeah! Infact when the film was announced, I was really scared, thinking about the outcome because a flop actor making a comeback that too with his own story, dialogues, script & production and now I think he managed it well, could have been way better.. but still good job!
    Ugly looking I can't say but fitted as a geek,

    Keep writing!


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