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Friday, January 15, 2010

(Short Review on Dulha Mil gaya)

Dulha Mil Gaya starring Fardeen Khan, Sushmita Sen & Ishita Sharma (debut) released last week. This moderately budgeted film also has an extended cameo by Shah Rukh Khan. Produced by Vivek Vaswani & directed by Muddassar Aziz (Sushmita Sen's ex), it has music by Lalit Pandit. The film has been in making for a long time so looks totally outdated, especially the songs!

What I loved about the film: Shah Rukh Khan & his goodness lessons!

What I like about the fim: The Concept (Yes!), few entertaining moments!

What I didn't like about the film: Everything else!

The thing I am most disappointed by: Music!

Overall, a poor film but Shah Rukh Khan with his 15 minutes role makes it an average film and which can well fit itself in an "one-time watch" category. Watch it on home video or television rather than spending big bucks in the cinema halls!

Rating: *1/2 (Average)

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  1. I feel mostly the same, but i actually really like the music. Wouldn't have seen it without Shah Rukh, who was my favorite part for sure. What did you think of Sush?

  2. @Shell
    Actually i felt the music to be a bit outdated :)
    And Sushmita Sen :( I didn't like her.. She looks little unfit for a role of a supermodel now.. If this film was made a few years ago with a younger Sushmita, I would have loved her but fails for me now! :)


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