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Friday, January 15, 2010

Chance Pe Dance is directed by Ken Ghosh (Ishq Vishq & Fida) and produced by UTV Motion Pictures. Starring Shahid Kapoor & Genelia, it has music by Pritam, Adnan Sami, Ken Ghosh & Sandeep Shridkar.

Shahid Kapoor has won accolades for his twin act in Kaminey last year and one would expect to see something at par with that. Let’s find out if Chance Pe Dance can do that.

The story of the film goes like this that Sameer (Shahid) is the typical struggler who leaves his dad in Delhi and comes to Mumbai, chasing dreams of becoming a star in Bollywood. What follows is a series of endless auditions, broken promises and missed chances.

Well, I think we have heard this story many times and the last time it clicked big time was in Luck By Chance. So, the big question is if CPD offers something better or different than Luck By Chance? The answer is a BIG NO! Infact, it degrades in terms of writing. CPD is made on a flawed script, although it has a few good moments but all in all, script fails miserably. Poor!

Shahid Kapoor yet again proves that he is set to become a bigger star in the coming years. His screen presence is just too good, although his performance is not so good and one feels that he is overacting in a few scenes. Watch out for his impeccable moves! Genelia is beautiful and has done a good job! Other cast members have done well especially the kids. Good!

With four music directors and such a theme (dance), one expects CPD to have a chartbuster album but what it delivers is average stuff. The songs look fine on screen but none of them makes you go gaga. My Picks: Pe..Pe.. Pepein.., Pump It Up. Average!

Direction by Ken Ghosh is not up to the mark. On a little positive note, you have a few nice moments, the ones with kids, the lead pair & the “lungi” advertisement but that is not enough. The film lacks soul and one cannot connect to it. So, I feel before making the film, some more time should have been spent on writing. On top of this, the film has some dull scenes where a kid is shown digging his nose, a Parsi scratching his chest & armpits to name a few. I mean what’s the use of taking close-ups of these stupid & irritating scenes. Poor!

Choreography department should get accolades because they have done an incredible job. For people who don’t know, the choreography is done by Ahmed Khan & Marty Kudelka. Marty Kudelka has previously directed great dance moves by Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, etc. Incredible!

Overall, with no script and good but directionless performances by the lead, the film is a major looser. Watch it only if you wish to and that too for Shahid Kapoor, Genelia or the dance moves. Disappointing!

My Rating: ** (Average)


Acting: ***

Music: **

Direction: *

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  1. Lol at 'none of them makes you go gaga' .i enjoyed reading your review, looks like i'll wait for this on dvd

  2. Yeah,, strange but I didn't like them,,, :D

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  4. One thing I liked about the review is the way you have characterized the aspects of filmaking.
    I will have to see Chance Pe Dance before commenting


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