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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Aamir Khan has slowly and steadily beaten all his competition over the last two yearsRajkumar Hirani has made two highly successful & acclaimed films in the last five yearsChetan Bhagat’s debut novel getting filmed on such a huge canvas… These were the reasons which made 3 Idiots the most awaited film of the year...

And when the film was first announced, I had just two major concerns;

First, how would Aamir Khan play the role of 20 year old boy?

Second, which out of the two aspects would be seen in the film - Hirani’s direction or Aamir’s perfection?

Hirani in his previous works has made films with over the top simplicity whereas Aamir in his recent films has worked on minute details and has always craved for perfection.

Having said that, I must say Aamir certainly looks like a 20 year old guy. Infact, I was amazed by the way he has gone on to look so young. A 44 year actor playing a role of 20 that too with such brilliance is something no one else can ever do from the current breed of actors.

Now talking about the second concern, I wouldn’t call 3 Idiots an Aamir Khan film because this film is a piece of utter flaws (which is not synonym to Aamir films) and has scenes which might not be reality but you still love them due to their simplicity (Trademark Hirani).

So you see Aamir as the actor more in this film and the Direction is left to one of the best in the business today. In the times when film makers are copying the west or making films for the western audiences, he has sticked to the old age formula and intelligently made films, be it Munnabhai MBBS or Lage Raho Munna Bhai or 3 Idiots.

Moving on the story of the film, 3 Idiots is based on the best Indian English Novelist Chetan Bhagat’s debut novel “Five Point Someone” but it has been intelligently twisted by Rajkumar Hirani & Abhijat Joshi. The film begins at the Airport and goes on to a journey where the two friends (Raju & Farhan) along with an old mate (Chatur) go on to find their third friend (Rancho) who had changed their lives forever when they were in trouble. During this journey, they crash into a funeral, a wedding & whatnot. While on this journey, Farhan takes us to another journey around the memory lane which begins with their lives in Imperial College of Engineering where they face reality & were challenged by many intellectually correct people like Chatur & Virus. So, basically it is about how Rancho teaches them to follow their dreams and do whatever they wish to but with excellence.

I think the story of the film is the biggest strength and has been beautifully scripted. Look out for the ragging scene, the boy committing suicide, machine definition scene, well trained not well educated scene, drunken scenes, teachers day speech, etc, all these scenes keeps you entertained throughout.

Aamir Khan as I mentioned above has really evolved in the last decade and he has given one of the best performance of his career in 3 Idiots. Watch the college scene where Boman takes Aamir to the classroom and tells him to teach. He looks amazingly young (trust me I had goose bumps seeing a man almost 2.5 times elder to me looking younger than me)… He has looked at his emotional best in hospital scenes and comical best in his college scenes. So, overall I can call it an outstanding performance from the Ace.

Kareena Kapoor looks astonishingly beautiful, I am in love with her look after all those skinny roles she has been doing. Acting wise, she has given a superb performance in whatever role she had. Sharman Joshi is a very talented actor and he proves it yet again with a terrific performance. R Madhavan is one actor who has a niche following in Hindi film lovers but still is seen so less, although, whatever he does work wonders and he has exactly done it this time too. Boman Irani, what to say about this man, he is surely the underdog in the film, his acting, his dialogue delivery, his body language is exceptional. It is one of his best performances and I really expect a few awards for this performance of his.

The new guys Omi (Chatur) and the younger one who plays millimeter have done a commendable job. Omi is the debut of the year, Brilliant. For people who may not know, Omi Vaidya is an American actor & director.

Music by Shantanu Moitra is soothing and easy on ear. I have been reading a lot of reviews but was really shocked why the song Jaane Nahin Deinge is being left out of the best list. The song is one of the best this year with some excellent words in it. Others songs like Aal Izz Well (Masti), Zoobie Doobie (Fun), Give Me Some Sunshine (Enlightening), Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh (Soulful) make the music of 3 Idiots a complete package. I wasn’t a big fan of Shantanu Moitra before 3 Idiots but can be counted now.

Direction by Rajkumar Hirani is simple yet loving. 3 Idiots is definitely his biggest film out of the three and he has done his job with brilliance. The delivery scene is something which I feel is out of reality but then a film is a film, it may not be something real but it is the ability of the director which makes a fake scene look real and Hirani succeeds at it. It’s his ability that first he gave us a Jhaddu Ki Jhappi, and then he gave us Ghandhigiri and finally Aal Izz Well goes on to build a rapport which is not seen in today's time. Trust me, I have started saying Aal Izz Well whenever I am in trouble or little demotivated. Can't write

Overall, I can say the film is certainly the best film I have ever seen. A film with a lot of entertainment is a good film. A film with a message is a great film. 3 Idiots is a combination of both which makes me call it a classic.

Yes, 3 Idiots is a classic.

My Rating: ***** (Excellent)

P.S. I am a little biased over this film so have completely ignored all the flaws involved. The rating may decrease with time, but, certainly nobody should miss it. It is the first time I have seen a film getting such great reviews along with huge collections.

3 Idiots is all set to become the biggest Indian grosser of all time surpassing all Bollywood films. Don’t Miss It!

Would love to know your views on 3 Idiots, add up in comments....

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  1. it is.. surely a classic!! deserves to highest grosser! :)

  2. Absolutely,,,, just read it somewhere that 3 Idiots has made 115 crores gross in 10 flat days plus previews which was the lifetime share of Ghajini,,,


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