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Friday, October 2, 2009

Relationships…. As a kid, I didn't realize the importance of a relationship… now as a college going teen, I am still bad at understanding relationships; but, whenever I see a person who talks about relationships in his own unique way, I feel the need to know what are relationships. So far, whatever I know about relationships is after watching films by Karan Johar. He's the one who has always kept relationships as a backdrop in his films.

This Friday, yet another release "Wake Up Sid" which is a Karan Johar Production - starring Ranbir Kapoor & Konkana Sen Sharma, this film also marks the debut of Ayan Mukherjee as a director.

There was a film in 2004 “Lakshya” which was ahead of its time. Now in 2009, Wake Up Sid, another film which falls in the same category. Both these films are quite similar in content but the treatment is simply outstanding in Wake Up Sid.

Expectations: Frankly I never expected Wake Up Sid to be a big film or a film which would break box office collections. All I expected it to be was a light hearted entertainer. Also, the fact that the film is made on the lowest budget for any KJo Production, was an eye opener to me and decreased my expectations.

Script/Story: The story of a boy growing into a man is nothing new and we have seen that in the past. But, Wake Up Sid has a lot more to offer. I think the best part of the movie is the screenplay. The story and screenplay are written by Ayan Mukherjee himself. Although, I feel that it is way ahead of its time and people may not understand the real message in one go. Brilliant.

Acting: Just two films old and this man is already a star. I am talking about Ranbir Kapoor who has given a very mature and award worthy performance. I haven’t seen much of Rishi Kapoor but I feel that Ranbir is going to be a bigger star. He has all the qualities of a Superstar. Konkana Sen has yet again given a wonderful performance and proved that she is one of the best. Anupam Kher is a veteran and proves it again with such a wonderful performance. Supriya Pathak and rest of the cast have done a commendable job. Rahul Khanna has given an outstanding performance in the special appearance. Outstanding

Music: The music of the film is given by Shankar Ehsaan Loy. But, the best song ”IkTara” is by Amit Trevedi of Dev D fame who has also given the background score. I would also like to add that more than half of the songs which are used in the background are not there in the audio cds, which is disappointing. The songs suit the theme of the film which makes them better. Good

Direction: Ayan Mukherjee at the age of 24 has done something huge. He has assisted Sanjay Leela Bhansali & Karan Johar earlier and now, with such a mature direction, shows that he is here to stay. The film could not be what it is, if Ayan Mukherjee hadn’t directed it. The feel of the film is so simple, anybody can connect to it. I am happy for the new man who has took a simple story and made a very simple film with a great message. Very Good

Overall: The film is Brilliant. It is so simple & realistic that all the youngsters can relate themselves to the characters. Although, it is ahead of time (which may not go well with critics) but it is a must watch for the youngsters.

Overall Rating: **** (Very Good)

(.25* extra for the Kurbaan Trailer in the beginning of the film :D)

Story/Script: ****

Acting: ****

Music: ***

Direction: ****

Box Office (Estimate): I think with highly intellectual release strategies of UTV, this film is going to hit the bull’s eye. It has a target market in the Metros and Mini Metros which would ensure that this small film gets a big gross at Box Office.

Hit/Super Hit

Recommended mainly for the college going youth and family audiences & watch it for its cinematography, performances, direction, music, screenplay & an influencing message

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  1. wen will u debut as a director...... this one's really good... !!!!!

  2. Ha ha,,, long way to go buddy,,, :D

  3. Great movie!! Great review!!

  4. Hey Bikram, must say after reading this, m definitely gonna watch this movie. Also m really impressed the way u wrote it. Though I already know ur calibre, bt this was real gud. Keep up d gud work. Tc

  5. Thanks a lot Tanya Ma'am and Aman Ma'am,,,,

  6. very nicely written review... really excited to watch this movie after reading it... :)

  7. A very good one. I watched the movie with kabeer and as mentioned didn't get the message in one go. He explained it more than 3 or 4 times :D. But, yes the review goes exactly with what actually the movie is...Its wonderful....Loved it bro........


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