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Sunday, October 18, 2009

A few days ago, I read an article about new filmmakers in India. Names like Anurag Kashyap, Abbas Tyrewala, Ayan Mukherjee, Tarun Mansukhani, Kabir Khan, Imtiaz Ali, Sabbir Khan, etc., featured in that article. Two more names Prem Soni & Anthony D’Souza were also highlighted; both are debuting with their respective films this Friday.

I am talking about the second release this week which is Main Aur Mrs. Khanna starring Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Sohail Khan & others. Main Aur Mrs Khanna is joint production between “Sohail Khan Production” & “UTV Spotboy Pictures” and is directed by Prem Soni.

Expectations: When you have Salman Khan in a film, you tend to expect something and when he is in full form after a film like Wanted behind, your expectations rise further. And after watching some good promos, I thought this film will be another path breaking one and this director is going to be the next Imtiaz Ali. So, let’s see if the film & the director can live up to the expectations.

Story/Script: The story of the film is ordinary. Extra Marital affair, struggle & romance as backdrop, this film could have been a message oriented film if scripted properly.The story, screenplay & dialogues are written by the director himself. Frankly, I don’t find think he should have taken up so many responsibilities. The first 10 minutes are so damn boring that you can actually think of walking off from the theatre. The film picks up but is still not up to the mark. Bad

Acting: The film is a Salman Khan starrer but it seems as if he did this film just to uplift his brother’s career. Salman Khan has a small role and has nothing to offer. His eyes look like he’s just got up from sleep, but his screen presence is still dominating. Kareena is good but she acts like Karisma. Sohail Khan is fine. Bappi Lahri has done a commendable job, Yash Tonk is ok. Priety Zinta is fine. Others have no scope. Wasted

Music: The music by Sajid Wajid is good, although I am not a fan of their music but I liked a few songs. But this time the way they are filmed and positioned in the film makes them bad. I wish they were better picturised, but would like to add that music is the only saving grace in the film. I like Don’t Say Alvida & Rabba. Average

Direction: When you don’t have a powerful script, half of your work as a director is affected. In this film the left over was destroyed by the director himself. The direction is poor; I think he got confused whether what he wants to show in the film. The subject was good, the casting was perfect and music was also good, all he needed was to focus. He tried to mix up two genres and the result is bad! This film can neither be called a Romantic nor a Drama. But, my gut feeling says that the director has potential and would come back strong. But for this time--à Poor

Overall, the film lacks soul; it’s painful to see Salman Khan getting wasted. The real culprit is the director who didn't have a solid script to build a film on.

My Rating: ** (Average)

Story/Script: *1/2

Acting: **1/2

Music: **1/2

Direction:* ½

I think the film would struggle at the Box Office because of the poor content and big competition from other films

Box Office Estimate: Flop/Average

Recommended for people who can watch the film without any expectations.

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  1. :X..jinhone jaana bhi hoga movie dekhne shsyad ab woh na jaaye..postpone kr deta is blog ko..doob ja i still love salman..he roxxx....

  2. What i like is, u write as a movie lover and as a critic whose sole aim is to blast film for no reason...!!

  3. ohhh.. i meant NOT as a critic..!! :(
    so sorry yaar.. meaning hi change ho gya..!!

  4. ha ha,,, no probs,,, i understood that,,, :D

  5. i liked the way of ur writing....just close to u r absolutely neutral for ur comments.....:-)

  6. Hi Bikram,

    Thanks for giving me your blog link :-)

    I think performances in MAMK are terrible. They don't even deserve 1 star. I guess you know my reactions from my blog (zero stars) :D

    You have a nice blog. Keep writing!


  7. Hi Bhargav,,
    Thanks for the feedback :-)

    Actually i wouldn't call the performances terrible because i feel they are wasted,,, its the director who has to get out performances from the actors,,,

    And I am glad you liked the blog,,, I would keep writing if you keep giving me feedback,,,

    Thanks again,,,

  8. And i saw Blue on the same day of release but didn't feel like writing a review as the film killed my expecatations,,, :D

    But, hopefully in a day or two I would come up with a review on Blue,,,,

  9. well..i watched this movie..being a big sallu bhai's fan,i wont say he shouldnt hav done this as we all knw..he is so kind,he did it for his i appreciate that..he cn do anything for his loved ones..
    on the bikram thought,it didnt do its ok..bikram,london dreamz cuming..salman will b back..bangggggg

  10. Hmmmm finally you understood the point.,,,,


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