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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The latest flick which released on 24th July is Luck *ing Mithun Chakraborty, Sanjay Dutt, Danny Denzongpa, Imran Khan, Chitrashi Rawat, Ravi Kisaan and Introducing Shruti Hassan.

Although people didn’t like Kaal, I loved it. It was something new. You must be thinking why is Kaal being talked about when the review is about Luck.

Well.... the director of both these films is Soham Shah. Kaal was released in 2005 and Luck in 2009. So, the expectations were quite high from him. The music has not been on a higher side.

So, overall the expectations from the film were not quite high but I expected it to be a good watch. Coming to the story, it was a great concept of Betting with real characters. The first half was scripted very tightly. But, what happened in the second half?

The whole film drained in the second half, the script was the real culprit. The suspense factor was good but when you see such nicely scripted first half, you want something more, which the film fails to deliver.

Coming to the acting department- I loved Sanjay Dutt and all others were top notch. But, the star in the making Imran Khan again disappointed. I think he should work more on his expressions in action films or for the time being stick to comic or romantic roles. The new girl Shruti Hassan is damn beautiful. For people who don’t know, She is the daughter of National Award winners Kamal Hassan and Sarika. I think she had a limited role which was performed well and has a star written over her name. But, the real performer is Sanjay Dutt. He's in top form and now i am sure these roles suit him a lot.

Music is above average. Salim Suleman after successful albums like 8X10 Tasveer, Rab Ne Bana Di Johi and Fashion disappointed this time. Only one song was good and another two average.

Direction was good and that is what I am happy about but the pace could have been faster in the second half. We get to see excellent locations and stunts (another plus about the film). The director seems to have executed this multi starrer well.

Now, the final verdict is already out that Luck has a bad luck at BoxOffice. It has had a Weekend of 12 Crores in India (Source:, which is not upto the mark. Sorry Soham Shah, you have a bad luck this time too. I wouldn’t call Luck a very bad film but it wasn’t a good film too. It is an above average film which deserves a watch. Watch it for the great locations, stunts, Sanjay Dutt and other actors.


Acting: ***

Story/ Script: *

Music: **1/2

Direction: ***

P.S.- For people who liked Kaal, please don’t have any expectations or you may be disappointed because both these films are different.

Overall: ** 1/2 (Above Average)

My Box Office Verdict (Estimate): Below Average or Flop

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  1. thanx for letting us know about the movie..hope in future you ll make us aware about the upcoming movies,which movies to watch and which not..and the good point is u r not telling the story..gudluck for ur blog

  2. Hi,
    This is an interesting review of Luck,,,,,the efforts made are really appreciative,,,,,I got to know many new things about the Movie and people related with it,,,,This shows that the movie was watched by a broader prospect. I would surely watch it for Sanjay Dutt,,,Thanx dude, thanx a lot for the information,,,,Its meritorious

  3. what i liked about ur review-
    1) u talked about the business and earnings.
    2) info about soham, shruti n salim that normally critics tend to skip
    3) ratings in depts aprt from overall rating..
    4) not revealing the story..

    keep more reviews pouring in each friday..
    n keep watching movies..!! tc

  4. bhai paise kamo site pai ad they ke..................

  5. I wd rather say this was the interesting reviw...i really appreciate as it tell us about the positive and negative things in the movie,like sanjay dutt acting is considered to be the plus point... i will definitely go n wath this movie after reading this review....

  6. hi
    First of all i wanna Thanx for letting us know about the movie..hope in future you ll make us aware about the upcoming movies....I got to know many new things about the Movie and people related with it,,,,This shows that the movie was watched by a broader prospect. I would surely watch it for Sanjay Dutt......gudluck for ur blog

  7. hi
    it was very nice reading it...its seems you have worked a lot for it.....liked the "kaal" and "luck" thing n suggestin people n also ur comments
    thanks for ur feedbacks they r really helpful......:-)

  8. Thanks a lot dear readers... Its my pleasure writing for great people like you... @ Shray i am film lover and not a film critic ;), @ Lovedeep I will do that but not with my blog. :) Thanks everybody... you made it special for me...


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