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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I always wanted to write....
Write for my friends....
Write for films.....
Write for people....
Write for my dreams.....
Write for myself.....

So, here i am beginning this on 8th April, 2009.
Hope to continue this for a long time....

Take Care...
Different Themes
Written by Lovely

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  1. good yaar..u havnt started ur film carrier bt u already hav ur blog..gr8 of luck..:)baaki ill write to u wen i feel i need

  2. Thank you for your valuable time. I hope to make it as informative as i can.

  3. heyi bik,welcum to the world of bloggers...!!!
    good to see u here..
    hoping to see more of u in cmng days..!!
    continue writing..
    tak care.

  4. thanks mate... credits to u...


Thanks a lot for your interest in my world of writing. Feedbacks are really necessary for a person to grow and i would appreciate that. I will get back to you soon and would also request you to come back often as it boosts my spirit as a writer.

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