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Saturday, April 11, 2009

One of my very good friend Aadi (A very big fan of Salman) was upset that i didn't include Salman Khan's name in the list of best actors in a poll. So, as a prophecy i thought of writing an article on Salman Khan. This is dedicated to all Salman Khan fans and offcourse Aadi & Adeeb.

All my decisions are based on my instinct and some people think that I am too moody and cynical. But believe me I have been guided by my instincts and my heart all my life! I do not depend too much on intelligence, analysis and calculations… I believe in poet Adam who has said: “ Aakal har kaam ko zulum bana deti hai…”. Some meaning is lost in the translation-- that intelligence begets torture and torment and man is lost in deep thought and often feels ashamed of things that have never happened! (Taken it from Salman Khan's blog)

Very True...!!!
This so humble human being has been in the industry for more then 20 years.
He has given many hits
He has entertained us like no other.
He has helped so many people establish themselves in the industry.
He is none other than SALMAN KHAN.....!!!

Year by year, there has been a debate on whose the No. 1 among the three khans.
All three started at the same time.
Aamir Khan choose to work in selected projects, Shahrukh Khan restricted himself to the Chopra's and Johar's and more recently to his own banner.
They both were good actors and stardom followed.
Salman Khan was the man who always was made for stardom.
Offcourse, he is a good actor too. But, how many of his movies do you remember for its story? or for its directors? i guess not much....

Films of all three stars are sold on their star values. But, the films having Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan have a lot of other things like story, direction, music, etc. whereas, a movie with Salman in the lead is just remembered for Salman Khan(In most of the cases).

This is what a superstar is known as... Wherever Salman Khan goes, every fan of his goes crazy... I have seen people including a lot of my friends who go for watching his movies just for sake that he is starring in it....

But, i ask you people that can just one person make a film successful?
Film making is process which requires team work... But, this person has always hit the jackpot with his own star power. Some crappiest movies have also got big hits just because Salman Khan starred in those.

And, how can we forget his nature. He has helped everybody right from directors to actors to music directors and many more. And, he has been embedded in charity.

Such has the following of this star been that whenever the film in which he starred had director's name over his, the film flopped, Yuvvraaj being the best example. People say that he repeats his characters again and again. But, that is what makes him a star. People expect him to be like that.
He may not be as good as an actor like Aamir, nor is he good in Public Relations like Shahrukh or may not be as good as Akshay in martial arts. But, Salman Khan is still a SUPERSTAR...!!!

Just wish that 2009 brings him some more luck and get acting skills out of him, and offcourse Opening are meant to be great.. Upcoming films include Main aur Mrs Khanna(based on Extra Marital Affair), London Dreams (Musical Drama), Wanted (Action), Veer (Adventure).

P.S. This is written for Salman Khan fans and not to offend others. (Good points are taken into consideration).

Report based on research which includes his blog, a community called Bollywood Filmi Freak on Orkut, many more and offcourse personal observation over the past 4-5 years

That's all for now...!!!
Hope Aadi is happy now.... :-)

More later...

Take Care....!!!
Bikram Singh Bathh
Different Themes
Written by Lovely

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  1. hi bikram..
    thanx alot for writing about my superstar. i hope u agree that he is a superstar. hope u keep writing about him atleast once a week. now im happy with ur bolg:):):)
    cheers mite

  2. and ya..i think salman's much better pics are available on the net..

  3. ya even i think that it seems that he is in a great depression.....!!!!!

    its great...loved it......gud observation n gud views....keep it up..sir..:-)

  4. Well... thanks a lot for such beautiful compliments.... And, about the pic, i wanted a pic which was new to everybody and this is a painting which somebody made and i took it from

    will post some new pics of salman some time later. probably related to his upcoming movies....

  5. to start with..
    1) pics nice.. as u intended it to b, quite different..!
    2) is kabeer ur pen name?

  6. n i forgot to mention, ur facts n fig are absolutekly correct n agree with u..
    salman is a rockstar..!

  7. Thank you soo much Shray... and yes Kabeer is my pen name & my nick name aswell....

    Thank you again...!!!

  8. thanx taani for agreeing wid me..and kabeer ji..i want some really gud pics of salman this time..make dat sure..:):)

  9. he he he i agree again......i knw its new to everyone but still......u mentioning he is a superstar then why he i s in depression.....a superstar makes other feel gud n he himself in depression....not fair...:-(

  10. hehe..thanx again..bik ab toh salman par kuch likh and mast si pic laga koi..i hav his first pic wen he entered bollywood..:)


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