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Monday, April 5, 2010

As expected very few could answer the trivia quiz "Powerful Siblings" that I put up on the blog yesterday.

Without wasting time, the answers are:

1.) Baldev Raj Chopra, Yash Raj Chopra, Vinod Chopra & Hiroo Chopra (who is now Hiroo Johar)
2.) Vilayti Raj Chopra
3.) B.R. Films, Yash Raj Films, Vinod Chopra Productions and Dharma Productions.
4.) Bhoothnath, Pyaar Impossible, 3 Idiots and My Name Is Khan.

Surprised?? Yes, its true. (Aditya Chopra & Uday Chopra), Karan Johar, Vidhu Vinod Chopra & Ravi Chopra are first cousins. :O

So, its just one family in Hindi film industry which has to its credit more than half of the total blockbuster films ever made!

Little has been written about why all these different production houses were formed but as it said that "let the history be where it is and live in the moment", I shall not get into it.

The first person to answer was Gagandeep but she made a small mistake :D
The second person to answer was Rajat and he too made a small mistake :D
The third person to answer was Shray and he got it all correct!

A big shout out to the winners!!!
They can be found on twitter here:

The next Trivia Quiz will come very soon!

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  1. Breaking News!!!! I did not know about this :|

  2. Congo To Winners.

  3. thank u! :)
    but gagandeep and RJ, u rock guys! genuinely filmy deewane!

  4. Thanx Shray,,,,,u got it right....:D,,,I made a blunder:D

  5. Hey am sorry yaar ,was not in town to take up ur quiz :(
    Will make it up for it next time :)


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