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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Filmy Deewane is a non profit Film blog which I started in April, 2009 just to stay connected to films. Excitement evoked and I got passionate about blogging, writing, marketing, preparing material, etc.

Some people thought this was a total waste of time, some said you are doing a great job and the rest didn't care to give a feedback!

Nevertheless, I didn't loose the passion for blogging and this lead to an increase in my confidence level when somebody talks about films.

Now talking about "What you can get out of this blog?"
Well... The answer is a lot!

1.) For people who are looking for just movie/music reviews, FD would be updated with the latest reviews every week. (I try to watch films on a Thursday Preview night, but not all films have preview shows)

2.) For people who are looking forward to some useful information regarding films, film personalities and anything static about film making would not be disappointed because from now on I would be adding up stuff quite quickly and in a nicer manner.

You can also read the FAQ's here

A lot of other things coming up very soon!

So stay hooked for more!

Bikram Singh Bathh

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